ExCEL Math Grant Lessons


Chapter 1:

Broken Calculator - To familiarize students with the basic keys on the Texas Instrument (TI) graphing calculator. The lesson was designed for the TI-84 calculator, but it can be modified to work with other graphing calculators. Students use their problem solving skills along with their knowledge of number properties and the order of operations


Chapter 2:

Algebra Basketball (PowerPoint zip file) - Students will be able to solve linear equations and inequalities in one variable


Chapter 4:

Functions and Relations - Students learn to determine if a relation is also a function given ordered pairs, a table, and a mapping diagram. Find the domain and range of relations


Chapter 5:

Algebraopoly (PowerPoint zip file) - Students will be able to use the properties of numbers in order to solve equations & inequalities


Chapter 6:

Solving Systems of Linear Equations -

Chapter 7:

Introduction to Algebra Tiles - To introduce and familiarize students with Algebra Tiles


Chapter 8:

Factoring Quadratics Part 1 - To factor trinomials when a = 1

Factoring Quadratics Part 2 - To factor trinomials when a > 1

Algebra Bingo (PowerPoint zip file)- Students will be able to factor 2nd and 3rd degree polynomials, recognizing a difference of 2 squares and perfect square binomials

Chapter 9:

Solving Quadratics - To understand the difference between solving linear equations and quadratic equations. Students will solve and factor quadratics when a = 1


Chapter 10:

Math Podcast Lesson - Working in cooperative groups, students create a Podcast to an algebraic word problem