ExCEL Math Grant Lessons

Grade 6

Chapter 1:

Big-Little-Little - To solve equations in one variable (podcast of lesson)

Border Lesson - To move beyond a particular solution by generalizing to other situations. Concrete examples provide meaning to variable representations. Illustrates different approaches to solving problems (keynote zip file) (podcast of lesson)

Singapore Math - To write and solve fractional word problems by using a horizontal bar as a visual tool (keynote zip file)


Chapter 2:

Moveable Foldables - This activity provides a dynamic hand-made manipulative designed to help students to understand addition with positive and negative integers (podcast of lesson)


Chapter 3:

Thinking Fractionally - Provide a foundation for the complexity of fractions by helping students to become comfortable with the interpretation and manipulation of fractions 

Venn Diagrams (LCM/GCF) - Students use a Venn diagram to find LCM and GCF of two numbers. Explore the many uses of Venn Diagrams such as for teaching GCF and LCM, adding/subtracting fractions (keynote zip file)


Chapter 5:

Mixture Blues - To understand the difference between absolute and relative reasoning, ratios, ordering of ratios represented as fractions, common denominators, location of ratios represented as fractions on the number line, introduction to proportion


Chapter 8:

Are These Races Fair? - To gain understanding of experimental and theoretical probabilities, to understand what is meant by a “fair game”, to learn the importance of using larger samples for inferences, to find sample spaces involving “equally likely outcomes” using tree diagrams, tables, ordered pairs (podcast of lesson)

Math Olympics - In a game tournament (similar to the Olympics), we will collect data, organize them, and analyze them by presenting their statistics (averages, medians, mode, and range).  Next, we will make predictions based on the data

Picture Proofs - To provide concrete representations as motivation for abstract algebra (keynote zip file) (podcast of lesson)


Chapter 9:

Tessellations - To provide a math-art lesson (with emphasis on mathematics) that illustrates the connection between math and art while providing a visual example of transformations, perimeter, and area