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    In order to obtain the greatest academic and social growth for all students, a system of discipline must be in place at all times.  Actions and consequences need to be clearly understood by students, parents, and teacher.  It is from this basic understanding that we can all move toward the desirable goal of bringing out the best in each child.

     The method of discipline we employ in Room 26 is fair, firm, and consistent.  Our system is based upon a set of classroom goals.  It stresses self-discipline and responsibility while helping to develop positive, well-balanced students who possess good work skills and study habits.


Classroom Goals

Our ten goals this year come from the portion of the report card that deals with work skills, study habits, and citizenship.

1.   Begin work promptly                            6.  Do neat, careful work

2.   Complete work on time                         7.  Good classroom behavior 

3.   Work cooperatively                             8.  Good playground behavior

4.   Follow directions                                9.  Respect rights of others

5.   Listen attentively                             10.  Practice self-discipline



     Students can earn Scholar Dollars for following the classroom goals.  Monthly auctions will be held and prizes can be purchased with money accumulated.  Coupons will be given out daily to students who I see following the goals.  Prizes will be awarded on Fridays during our weekly coupon drawing.



We use five consequence levels when goals are not being met.

1.   Warning

2    Pink Slip sent home

3.   Telephone call to parent by student

4.   Fifteen minute in-school suspension and a telephone call to parents by 

     Miss Dilores

5.  Conference with student, parent, principal, and Miss Dilores


Home Education

     Home education will be assigned Monday through Thursday.  A folder and assignment book will be sent home every day except Friday.  Please check over your child's completed work and help correct any mistakes.  Please sign your initials at the bottom of the assignment book.  This indicates to me that you checked over the home education.  You will be notified of missed assignments each day and they will need to be completed by your child at home.